The U.S. Petroleum CO., INC., consortium operates in the global energy sector as reseller- supplier of crude oil and petroleum products such as low sulfur Diesel- gas-oil-D-2, Jet fuel-fungible aviation kerosene, unleaded gasoline [PETRO], heating oil, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Propane Gas (LPG), Asphalt-Bitumen, Bio-fuel, renewable energy, including solar and research on electromagnetic power energy, Coal-low sulfur, and clean burning fuel, from Alaska slopes, California to Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and to the offshore sites, Canada, South America, Russia, Ubekistan,  Black Sea  and Baltic sea area countries and the Middle East. With operations  and shipment of products by ship /vessel, pipeline, barge, rails and trucks. We have been in business since 1970. We are a privately owned company.

 To help meet the world’s surging energy needs, U.S. Petroleum  is involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, the manufacture, marketing distribution and trading world-wide.  We also explore renewable energy sources and technologies for the development of a full operational electric automobile and other  electric vehicles to eliminate air pollution from high carbon and petrochemicals on earth.

 We buy and sell  crude oil, and distribute petroleum products including diesel – gas-oil, gasoline, heating oil, bitumen, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), both directly and through our subsidiaries worldwide – intertwined market, as well as  natural gas.  We also own in part many of the petrochemical corporations and refineries such as:  ExxonMobil, Shell Oil Co., Chevron-Texaco, British Petroleum and Hess Corp., by stock ownership.

We have business relationships with 14 refineries worldwide that supply us with the petroleum products we market and sell.  And, we serve  governments, the military, industry,  manufacturing  and other end buyers. We are also in joint ventures with many petrochemical refineries for exploration, refinery processing, distribution and marketing worldwide.  We also have association with several Bio-fuel producing Plants.

 We are able to provide crude oil to high output refineries to produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG, and LNG,  for our distributors, in a joint venture, or with processing agreements with petrochemical refineries worldwide, or, we  sell the crude (hydrocarbon) oil to the petroleum refineries  that need the crude oil for their output processing production. Our aim is to cooperate with all energy producers to provide the world with the energy sources requirement for humanity progress, development and well being. 

 In the quest to improve peoples’  living conditions worldwide,  U.S. Petroleum  has been involved in humanitarian projects with the humanitarian organization “Synergistic Cosmic Enterprises Foundation” to develop humanitarian projects that provide clean purified water, sanitary waste water treatment, electrical power, farming, education and medical facilities in poor areas in many parts of the world, including Central & South America and Africa.

WIND FARMS– We do not invest in wind power generation because it is not a feasible and wise investment for energy needs due to the fact that it is very expensive to construct, operate and maintain the technologies currently in use as shown by numerous breakdowns as experienced in the country of  Sweden, [Sweden eliminated the wind power energy farms after ten years of use.]  Wind power technology  becomes obsolete within a few years of implementation, due to and as result of  the great waste of time and money invested in a technology that is not practical for continuous use and production of the required amount of energy to fulfill consumers’ demand. Further, wind farms with the windmill metal blades kill thousands of  birds annually, and birds are very important for food production around the world, since birds are very important in the pollination of plants and trees [fertilization of seeds for the production of fruits and vegetables, flowers,] required for our survival on earth. Further,  Plants and Trees are very important for life on earth, because trees and plants absorb the CO2- (carbon dioxide) everyone is talking about that causes  global warming or pollution of the air.  And, to the contrary, CO2 is very important for life on earth; and, it is very important for the life cycle on earth because without CO2 there cannot be life on earth, because CO2 is the major source for the oxygen production on earth and, besides, carbon is per se the molecule of life. Because the plants and trees need  Co2 to live [have life], to live and grow healthy and to produce their food and to produce oxygen for our use. And the trees and plants when they absorb [eat] the Co2 from the atmosphere /air they use the Co2 in the photosynthesis process [with the sun light the leaves on the plants and trees produce the food they need, that is, plants take and absorb [eat] the Co2 from the air and expel – give out- and release the oxygen that we  humans need and other animals need to live on earth, without carbon there can be no life on earth and much less without carbon dioxide [ Co2] which is very important for human life on earth and for all animal life and for plants and trees. Besides, when we humans breath, we give out carbon dioxide, it is part of our metabolism process, it is produced when we metabolize the food we eat and the blood collects it and  we eliminate it via the lungs when we breath. We take oxygen in and exhale co2 . What we need is more plants and trees on earth to breakdown the Co2 so we have more clean oxygen in the air we breath. Carbon is the molecule of  life. And when people cook the food , they actually produce carbon monoxide [co] when burning the fire for the cooking,  which is a real poison.

Many types of Plants and Trees produce many types of foods in the form of grass or herbs, vegetables and fruits which animals,  humans and birds  need for nutrition and foods to be  able to live on earth.

We aim to develop alternative energy sources that are practical, smart and wise that can be  applied with the result of  low cost to the end user- consumers.

Because the global warming idea that the north pole is melting due to man made temperature increase has created an influx of influence to reduce the use of hydrocarbons because of the co2. But the interesting thing is that the South Pole- Antartica is not affected and there is no claim of any global warming effect in the south pole, this claimed is made only to the north pole. But, there can be other reasons for it, such as the effect of major galaxies crashes in the universe which affects the tilt of the earth axis angle. Such electromagnetic force can change the earth axis angle affecting its direct sun light and ultraviolet rays from the sun to be more direct to the north pole than to the south pole. Another phenomenon that needs to be investigated is the haarp antennas farms located in different locations in Alaska,  EUROPE and Russia, near the north pole, which affects climate changes and do cause temperatures to be warmer.  And, this could very well be the culprit of the temperature increase in the North Pole and not the use of petro-carbons for energy supply on earth.

 These matters need to be investigated further to give a more accurate cause of the earth and north pole temperature changes. Besides, the earth climate changes constantly  and, during periods of time as scientific information shows, the earth was a ball of fire at the beginning and have many climate periods with great variations of very cold [ice age] and of very hot temperatures [droughts] periods,  as well as flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricane-typhoons, forest fires  [ that cleanses and control the earth from excess of plants, trees and animals growth], and sun flares that affects the earth magnetism and electromagnetic force affecting our electronic systems. The earth has its way of purging itself naturally  and of cleaning itself and eliminating excess of  trees and animals on earth. Look how the dinosaur disappeared from earth, so we the human race could inhabit the earth without such dangerous animals. 

And why is the South Pole not melting and temperatures have not changed there? There are no HAARP ANTENNAS Farms located in the south pole area, either.

  Our energy development focuses on interest in the generation of electricity using the solar energy with the Quantum Electromagnetic force  technology, which will produce energy as an economical  source of clean energy  to everyone on this beautiful earth.

U.S. Petroleum and relations with communities:

We at U.S. Petroleum never neglect our strong relationship with the territories and communities in which we operate.  U.S. Petroleum  continues to operate in a very responsible manner with continuous goals for improvement, keeping safety as our top most requirement of performance and service to the communities we serve.  U.S. Petroleum  technologies and operational par excellence standard has maintained our integrity at a high level of performance.  We aim to develop projects in the communities to improve the living conditions standards  and educational standards of under-developed communities in the  countries in which we serve and operate.


In the quest to improve peoples’  living conditions worldwide,  U.S. Petroleum  has been involved in humanitarian projects with the humanitarian organization “Synergistic Cosmic Enterprises Foundation” to develop humanitarian projects that provide clean water, sanitary waste-water treatment, electrical power, farming, education and medical facilities in poor areas in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands and in the Philippines.***

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